#ZEC bullish pennant

#zec possible bullish pennant with target + 24%

Let’s start immediately with image 1 of the #ZEC price chart

Image 1: tradingview – timeframe 1 day – 2018-05-23 – zec / btc bullish pennant

As can be seen a bullish pennant seems to have formed. The pattern is also supported by the volumes created.

A possible example of trading is therefore, with a Risk to reward ratio of about 3: 1, entering now inserting a stop loss at about 0.037btc and expecting a take profit on 0.050btc with a gain of about 24%. Once broken up the pattern could be useful, as a sector, a more stringent stop loss in order not to lose any gain.

Warning: this is just an example of technical analysis and not an operational signal.