#wings: sometimes to the moon for 1h?

The price trend of the #wings, a #altcoin that often marks high peaks on a single candle, is curious.

Let’s start immediately from image 1 represent the price chart on timeframe 1 hour:

Image 1 : trasingview – timeframe 1h – 2018-05-15 – peaks on graphic wings / btc

As you can see the yellow squares mark some of these peaks, which are characterized not only by a rise in prices but also by a large increase in volumes.

A possible example of trading, for full time traders, could be to monitor volumes and enter into buy when the peak is materializing.

An alternative for those who have less time to spend, although quite risky, could be to invest directly fix a sales order at a higher price.

The phenomenon is still very interesting, given the frequency of these peaks, and it would be interesting to understand what comes out to be able to exploit them better.