#btc possible uptrend?

Bitcoin analysis on the long, medium and short term could indicate a moment of recovery in prices

As everyone knows, the Bitcoin in December 2017 reached its peak in price and then collapsed. However, if you calculate the price in the long run, the price is in an uptrend.

Let’s start from the price chart in the short period represented in image 1:

Image 1: tradingview – 4h timeframe – btc / usd

We can note that there were three phases alternating, one of rising prices, one of descent, until reaching phase three, the current one, which turns out to be rising again.

In image 2 we can see more closely the end of phase two, with the consequent beginning of phase 3:

Image 2: tradingview – 4h timeframe – btc / usd – end of phase two and start of phase 3

It can be seen that the beginning of phase 3 was announced by a Bullish divergence on the RSI, as we announced in a previous article on this blog.

As we can see in image 3 , the current price increase phase 3 supports the long-term trend (black line) but in turn a resistance around the 8000usd given by the upper part of the triangle in purple, which instead regulates the medium-term trend.

Image 3: tradingview – 1 day timeframe – btc / usd – long term trend

In general, the long-term trend seems to have invalidated, at least in the immediate term, the medium-term trend, thus suggesting that it will continue an upward trend.

A possible example of trading is therefore to stay in the market (or buy for those outside) by entering the appropriate stop loss.

BNB: The climb continue

The ascent of the BNB continues, the binance coin, with respect to the Etherium. In the article of the 24th March in which we presented this coin we had left with a BNB / ETH exchange rate of 0.022388 against today’s 0.032951 (April 7th 2018 at 11:24).

We are therefore talking about a substantial increase in the BNB / ETH exchange rate, although this in turn does not translate into a real gain as it is in turn the declining ETH / EUR exchange rate.

An idea of ​​trading not to go completely out of the world of cryptocurrencies, in this period when the main (BTC, ETH, XRP, ..) are falling sharply, it could be to park their money on the BNB. In fact, an approximate change in euro to March 24, 2018 was € 10.50, while today April 7, 2018 is € 10.26, or a very low decline compared to other cryptocurrencies.

In the image 1, the completeness chart shows the updated BNB chart updated to date:

Image 1 : Tradinview – BNB / ETH – Timeframe 1 day