Report on the main #crypts we are following right now.

In the world of cryptocurrencies it is well known that the bitcoin often pulls down the price of other Coin, and at this moment the Bitcoin trend is particularly uncertain.

Image 1 : tradingview – 2018-21-05 – timeframe 1 turn – trend btc / usd

As you can see in image 1 the purple wedge acts as a resistance to prices bringing them down. Even the smallest wedge, in red, which broke upward in these groups, does not seem to be able to get the bullish trend back on track.

Even among the altcoin the trend is almost all red and the exchange volumes in the last 24h are low as can be seen in image 2 regarding binance:

Image 2: binance – btc market ordered for volumes in 24h

It can be noted that the coins above the 5k volume in the 24h are only four.

The ETH, which a few days ago seemed to have taken off, has also joined an uncertain phase of lateralization as can be seen in image 3 :

Image 3 : tradingview – 1 day timeframe – eth / eur

In this phase of the market the best option can be to stay IN for those already inside, hoping for a lift. However it would be prudent to insert the appropriate stoploss.

We at Cryptograph have preferred to disinvest part of the capital, that is all that invested in BTC, taking advantage of the last rise. Instead, we remained flat on #LOOM, hoping that the volatility of this currency will give a good gain in the future.

#ETH – Elliott wave 12345: retrace before the ascent?

In recent days, #Etherium has generated a high gain, rising from € 283 of 2018/03/28 to € 694 of yesterday’s maximum 2018/05/05. Today it is traced to € 642, it could be a wave of Elliott 12345 and then soon there may be a lift?

We immediately start by proposing in the image 1 the price chart of the # ETH, with daily timeframe:

Image 1: Tradingview – 2018-05-06 – Timeframe 1 day – ETH possible wave of Elliott 12345

From a graphic analysis of the prices the Elliott 12345 wave seems a valid hypothesis and would suggest, in the short term, a further increase in prices.Furthermore the prices seem to be true in a bullish type channel. Also the high volumes generated in this period on the Etherium would support this hypothesis of recovery.

A further positive signal is provided by the ‘ ADX and DI depicted in image 2on a daily timeframe:

Image 2: Tradingview – 2018-05-06 – ETH – Timeframe 1 day – ADX and DI

We can see how the adx is about to cross the 25K line, if this happens it would underline that it is not just a phase of price lateralization.

The signs are positive, but you have to be careful and always look for a price match. Especially in the current retracement phase it is appropriate to fix the appropriate stop loss or, alternatively, exit the market waiting for signals to ascend and then start the next wave.

#Bitcoin is stationary? #Altcoin is the response

Given the current stationarity of the #BTC, and a possible downward break, we want to examine an example of a possible portfolio composed of various #ALTCOIN that allows us to balance risks and improve profits.

So we open the article with the following poster:

The coins taken into consideration in this portfolio example are the following:

  • #BTC : Bitcoin should always be controlled as it affects almost the entire market, so we still keep it in the portfolio. It is also useful to give some stability ;
  • #ETH #XRP : Etherium and Ripple are the main altcoin and are very influenced by Bitcoin, however they have an often wider volatility, especially in the case of the # XRP. So they are useful for maximizing gains but they also tend to maximize losses;
  • #LTC : also the LiteCoin is among the main altcoins. In the past she was able to make good numbers. The trend in the long run seems to be bullish for the main Coin (just compare the current prices to previous years), the price of the coin lite seems not to be very close to the trend line. Therefore we expect constant increases over time .
  • #XLM : In the last period the Stellar Lumen gave good results, with gain not high but constant over time. This is also useful to give stability to the portfolio with constant increases over time .
  • #EOS #ONT : EOS and Ontology are two discoveries of the latter period. They have the distinction of being increasing their value even while the Bitcoin is still or even down. They are therefore useful for balancing the risk of Bitcoin and the main altcoins.
  • #XEM : Nem is a very recent currency, at least on Binance, in the last period it has had a good increase even if it is currently stationary. We keep it because it could give us surprises in the future ;

We have therefore selected both coins to give stability and coins to maximize gains (but also risks). Bitcoin antagonistic coins are also useful or it is also new altcoins like the #XEM that could reserve surprises in the future.

The percentages of coins, with which you can compose your possible portfolio, we let you choose according to your risk aversion. However, we emphasize that this is only one of our personal and we decline any responsibility if you decide to follow it.

ETH Analysis: 20/03/2018 – evening

In this article we’re going to describe an example of technical analysis made this evening on ETH (Etherium).

In image 1 we can observe the analysis: 

Image 1: ETH TradingView chart (BITSTAMP) – Timeframe 4h – 11: 08hr on 20/03/2018

What we can see is:

  • The main downtrend (and relative retracement);
  • The support created by the minimum of 2 February 2018;
  • The highest resistance created by the high of March 10, 2018;
  • In purple, a bullish flag.

The possible interpretation is that the bullish flag, which is a continuation pattern, indicates that the price will continue to rise. The resistance just surpassed this thesis, in addition to the fact that most of the major currencies (BTC, XRP, XLM) in this period have begun to rise.

Therefore, in the short term , there may be a rise (with the possible goal given by the dotted line in purple). We must however pay attention to a possible rebound dictated by the various resistances and downtrends.

In the medium term, it is also hoped here to have a rise. My goal would be to return to a rate of 740 euros and make a take profit.

The long period , at least for now, remains bearish. Nothing, however, forbids that there may be a reversal of the situation (ie instead of aiming at the umpteenth local maximum and then down again, we could continue with the ascent).