#EOS: bullish on the shorter term?

The #BTC has been undergoing lateralization for days, while the #crypto market is dominated by #altcoin, like the # EOS whose price chart seems to indicate an uptrend in the short term.

Let’s start immediately with image 1 containing the price chart:

Image 1: tradingview – 2018-08-06 – timeframe 4h – eos / btc

We can see how:

  • The price chart remains above the EMA 50 (blue line);
  • The RSI has a bullish trend in accordance with prices;
  • The ADX seems almost to suggest a phase of lateralization, so care must be taken;

Ultimately there seems to be an upward trend in the short term.

A possible example of trading is to enter long, by closing the stop stop the EMA 50 with little stop. A possible gain could be around + 10% of the current price.

#BNB – #BUllish

In these last days of uncertainty of the #BTC the Binance Coin gains value, crossing a bullish trend on the daily chart.

Let’s start with the price chart in image 1:

Image 1: tradingview – 2018-06-01 – timeframe 1d – bnb / btc on binance

You can see:

  • ADX over 30k suggesting a very strong trend;
  • DI which in turn suggests a Bullish trend considering that the + crosses the -di upwards;
  • The parabolic sar , directly on the price chart, which suggests a Bullish trend;
  • The RSI in an oversold area that nevertheless suggests paying attention;

A possible treding strategy is therefore to buy assuming a possible price increase. It is necessary to place an appropriate stop loss at about 3% less than the current price level.

In image 2 we can see the appropriate stop loss inserted on binance:

Image 2: binance – stop loss inserted

In image 3 we can see the purchase order being an example of real trading:

Image 3: binance – purchase order

#BTC near the resistence

Bitcoin on the medium / long-term resistance wire, with a Bearish flag that could break resistance.

As can be seen from the price chart, in image 1, the price of Bitcoin is walking on the medium / long term resistance:

Image 1: tradingview – btc / usd – timeframe 1 day – 2018-05-26 – bitcoin on the resistance wire

The oversold RSI, together with the resistance, would support the hypothesis of the beginning of an uptrend.

A totally contrasting hypothesis is given by the Bearish flag which was formed in the short term and which is can be seen in image 2 :

Image 2: tradingview – btc / usd – timeframe 4h – Bearish flag

The Bearish flag would suggest the hypothesis of a down trend that could therefore break short-term resistance. This hypothesis would also be corroborated by the low volumes of this period is from the general market trend which at this time is rather bearish.

An example of treading for those in the market is to stay there by fixing the appropriate stop loss immediately under the medium / long-term trend. For those who are outside the market it would be better to stay out waiting for an improvement in the situation that at the moment seems to be very undecided.

We at the Cryptograph Team were IN for a few days and we will continue to be waiting for developments.

#ZEC bullish pennant

#zec possible bullish pennant with target + 24%

Let’s start immediately with image 1 of the #ZEC price chart

Image 1: tradingview – timeframe 1 day – 2018-05-23 – zec / btc bullish pennant

As can be seen a bullish pennant seems to have formed. The pattern is also supported by the volumes created.

A possible example of trading is therefore, with a Risk to reward ratio of about 3: 1, entering now inserting a stop loss at about 0.037btc and expecting a take profit on 0.050btc with a gain of about 24%. Once broken up the pattern could be useful, as a sector, a more stringent stop loss in order not to lose any gain.

Warning: this is just an example of technical analysis and not an operational signal.

#BTC: #wedge in #wedge?

A smaller falling wedge was formed on the large wedge on the #BTC daily chart. Will it break up?

In image 1 we can see the price chart of the #BTC and the #RSI indicator:

Image 1 : tradingview – 2018-05-18 – 1 day timeframe – BTC wedge

You can see a larger wedge with neutral inclination in purple, and inside a falling wedge traced in purple. The falling wedge is a bullish pattern that suggests a rise in prices. Even the RSI and the oversold Bollinger bands suggest a rise in prices.

At this moment, however, every forecast must be taken with attention given the mainly bullish trend. So one possibility could be to try a long entry on the short run, bearing in mind that the purple triangle would be a resistance.