#BTC hope with bullish divergence

On the #BTC the Bearish flag does not seem to have broken markedly on the downside, on the contrary it seems to presentars more a possibility of bullish divergence on the RSI on 4h.

Let’s start immediately from image 1 with the price chart and the RSI on timeframe 4h:

Image 1: tradingview – 2018-05-27 – timeframe 4h – btc / usd – bullish divergrnce

Although the price continues to fall, albeit in an unmarked manner, a bullish divergence seems to be emerging on the 4h chart.

Before taking a position, for those who are out of the market, it might be better to wait for confirmation in prices, given the uncertain situation. For those who are already inside, like us of Cryptograph Team, it is better to set the appropriate stoploss.