CryptoGraph was born with the aim of making understand better the beginners the world of cryptocurrency trading. To do so we will provide technical analysis pills that will allow you to understand the market trend. There will also be examples of analysis and more general descriptions of what cryptocurrencies are and where to exchange or store them.

The topics we intend to deal with, at least initially, will be:

  1. Cryptocurrencies : overview of the main cryptocurrencies ( Bitcoin , Ripple , LiteCoin , Bitcoin Cash , etc.), on what they are and how they work;
  2. Exchange : description of the main exchanges ( Kraken , Bitstamp , Binance , Coinbase , etc.) and their operation;
  3. Wallet : where to keep money safe for the long term;
  4. Technical analysis: identification of trendlines, patterns, but also indicators and oscillators and so on;
  5. Examples of analysis: examples of technical analysis;


We want to immediately point out that trading is a highly risky business, which can lead to the loss of large sums of money. This blog should be treated as theoretical examples in order to satisfy their own curiosity and NOT as operational suggestions.

We therefore decline any responsibility due to the implementation of the examples shown in this blog.


For suggestions or other you can contact the CryptoGraph staff at the following email address: info [at]

We would like to clarify that this blog is managed by passion and not for work.Response times may therefore not be immediate.