#wings: sometimes to the moon for 1h?

The price trend of the #wings, a #altcoin that often marks high peaks on a single candle, is curious.

Let’s start immediately from image 1 represent the price chart on timeframe 1 hour:

Image 1 : trasingview – timeframe 1h – 2018-05-15 – peaks on graphic wings / btc

As you can see the yellow squares mark some of these peaks, which are characterized not only by a rise in prices but also by a large increase in volumes.

A possible example of trading, for full time traders, could be to monitor volumes and enter into buy when the peak is materializing.

An alternative for those who have less time to spend, although quite risky, could be to invest directly fix a sales order at a higher price.

The phenomenon is still very interesting, given the frequency of these peaks, and it would be interesting to understand what comes out to be able to exploit them better.

#LOOM to the moon?

#LOOM is a new Crypto that was listed on Binance yesterday (2/05/2018) whose price is immediately rising. Will it be a new discovery like #EOS and #ONT?

The price, starting from 0.00005101 Btc is today at about 0.00005450 as you can see in image 1 :

Image 1 : Tradingview – 03-05-2018 – timeframe 1h – Loom / btc on binance

The interest has been triggered by the fact that many crypts, just listed on binance, suffer a substantial depreciation, as opposed to #LOOm which is even uphill.

It is still too early to be able to do a real technical analysis, moreover the price is still very variable. It could however be interesting to follow it closely and possibly invest a small amount.

#ADA – 2018-04-24 – bullish break

Continue the articles on the Altcoin and this time we talk about #ADA (Cardano).

Among the various altcoins aroused our interest for the following reasons:

  • High trading volume in the last 24h (by now this is the first parameter we look at to choose the altcoins to analyze, without volumes it is difficult to make predictions);
  • Identified a pattern of bullish continuation, in this case the triangle;
  • RSI on timeframe 4h not yet oversold;

In image 1 we can see the pattern that is being broken right now, thus suggesting an upward trend in prices.

Image1: Tradingview – timeframe 4h – #ADA #BTC – 2018-04-24 – continuation triangle

A possible target has been identified at the price of about 0.000035 btc / Ada.

As always the technical analysis alone of the suggestions, we must then find feedback on prices.

#EOS – 2018-04-23: possible bullish break

#EOS is another #altcoin, after the #ONT, whose price trend suggests a possible bullish break in the short term.

EOS has recently moved to 5th place for MarketCap surpassing #LTC. Even the trade volume of the last 24 hours, about 6 million according to CoinMarketCap , appears to be considerable.

In image 1 we can see the current trend of EOS / BTC prices on timeframe 4h:

Image 1 : Tradingview – EOS / BTC – 2018-04-23 – continuation triangle

What you can see is a continuation triangle which therefore suggests a bullish trend. This pattern is almost complete, to suggest the fact that prices are rebounded only on the upper line that acts as a resistance. Even the volume seems to be on the rise.

Switching to oscillators / indexes, we have:

  • the RSI that is still not oversold, thus still allowing us a margin of price increase;
  • The ADX and DI suggest an uptrend, whose strength is well established.

This analysis ultimately suggests a long position at least in the short term.But we need to follow the price further to make sure that these hypotheses really materialize.

#ONT – Ontology

In this article we talk about Ontology,ONT. After paying close attention to the bitcoin, let’s go back to talking about Altcoin.

the interest for this currency is at a speculative level, in fact it has some elements that have aroused interest in these last days:

  • It has just come out of a loss of about 5%: this could be a falling wedge with a break up;
  • has interesting volumes for an altcoin: coinmarketcap reports about 5k of btc in the last 24 hours;
  • Positive news is circulating : various news on social networks are confident in a rise.

In image 1 we show the ONT / BTC chart on a daily timeframe:

Image 1 : tradingview – ONT / BTC – 2018-04-22 -timeframe 1 day

The suggested theoretical target, such as the breaking of the falling wedge, is equal to an increase of about 13% in the next 3 days, which however could even reach 20%.

NB: a theoretical target is not said to be reached, so it is necessary to monitor prices and volumes.

Ultimately a possible operation is to go long on this coin, however, setting the appropriate stop loss.