#btc: inverted head & shoulder ?

#BTC is plotting an inverted head and shoulders or will the price start to fall?

At this moment it seems that, on timeframe 4h, a reversed head and shoulders bullish pattern is being configured, as can be seen in image 1 :

Image 1: tradingview – btc / usd – 2018-07-17 – 4h timeframe – inverted head and shoulders

A contrary hypothesis could be that the price, reached the neckline (purple dashed line) that acts as resistance, resumes its descent.

In image 2 we can see instead how, on a 1 day timeframe, the price seems to have rebounded several times on the lower resistance of the pattern of a triangle, signal that the price could soon break down.

Image 2 : tradingview – btc / usd – 2018-07-17 – 1 day timeframe – triangle

A possible trading idea for those inside the market is to come out with a take a profit and monitor the progress of prices to return.

For those outside it is better to stay there as long as there are no clear signs of an upward trend.

A clear upside sign would be to overcome the neckline with the price which either continues to rise or rebounds on the neckline itself upwards.

#btc broken down the pattern

The guild pattern on 4h timeframe has just broken down, now we are going for the 50m test.

Let’s start immediately with the graph in image 1 :

Image 1: tradingview – btc / usd – 2018-07-04 – 4h timeframe – broken downside guide

We can see how the pattern of the guide (in dark green) has been broken down, with low volumes and the ADX that signals a very weak trend.

At this moment we are going for the resistance test dictated by the amg50, under which it might be appropriate to fix the appropriate stop loss.

In image 2, instead, we highlight the previous inversion of short-term trends in April 2018:

Image 2: tradingview – btc / usd – timeframe 4h – previous trend inversion

It can be seen that the previous trend inversion occurred much more clearly (phases highlighted in red), and that therefore the current one could only be a lateralization phase.

Still in image 2 we can see in purple the pattern of the triangle in the long run which has been broken down but has not subsequently been again broken upwards, thus indicating a possible recovery.

Ultimately the current situation is to be monitored, monitoring the indicated signals and paying attention to a possible lateral phase that could resume its race to the bottom.

#BTC #bullish?

The #BTC has risen in price in recent days, with a significant price increase in the last 4h, which is a sign of recovery?

Let’s start immediately from the price chart in image 1:

Image 1: tradingview Рbtc / usd Рtimeframe 1h Р2018-07-02

What can be seen is:

  • A double bottom on the price chart, followed by the breaking up of a triangle, both bullish signs;
  • The overwhelming RSI, due to the last climb;
  • The ADX which still marks a weak trend;

Given these factors, an example of trading for those who are out of the market, is to stay out waiting for a probable downward correction of prices.Then decide an entry with the appropriate stop loss.

For those who are in the market, it may instead be good to stay flat, also with the appropriate stop loss, waiting to understand if the climb continues.

We at Cryptograph Team are currently in the recato and remain flat.

#EOS: bullish on the shorter term?

The #BTC has been undergoing lateralization for days, while the #crypto market is dominated by #altcoin, like the # EOS whose price chart seems to indicate an uptrend in the short term.

Let’s start immediately with image 1 containing the price chart:

Image 1: tradingview – 2018-08-06 – timeframe 4h – eos / btc

We can see how:

  • The price chart remains above the EMA 50 (blue line);
  • The RSI has a bullish trend in accordance with prices;
  • The ADX seems almost to suggest a phase of lateralization, so care must be taken;

Ultimately there seems to be an upward trend in the short term.

A possible example of trading is to enter long, by closing the stop stop the EMA 50 with little stop. A possible gain could be around + 10% of the current price.

#btc possible uptrend?

Bitcoin analysis on the long, medium and short term could indicate a moment of recovery in prices

As everyone knows, the Bitcoin in December 2017 reached its peak in price and then collapsed. However, if you calculate the price in the long run, the price is in an uptrend.

Let’s start from the price chart in the short period represented in image 1:

Image 1: tradingview – 4h timeframe – btc / usd

We can note that there were three phases alternating, one of rising prices, one of descent, until reaching phase three, the current one, which turns out to be rising again.

In image 2 we can see more closely the end of phase two, with the consequent beginning of phase 3:

Image 2: tradingview – 4h timeframe – btc / usd – end of phase two and start of phase 3

It can be seen that the beginning of phase 3 was announced by a Bullish divergence on the RSI, as we announced in a previous article on this blog.

As we can see in image 3 , the current price increase phase 3 supports the long-term trend (black line) but in turn a resistance around the 8000usd given by the upper part of the triangle in purple, which instead regulates the medium-term trend.

Image 3: tradingview – 1 day timeframe – btc / usd – long term trend

In general, the long-term trend seems to have invalidated, at least in the immediate term, the medium-term trend, thus suggesting that it will continue an upward trend.

A possible example of trading is therefore to stay in the market (or buy for those outside) by entering the appropriate stop loss.