#BTC: #Bullish on the short term

#bitcoin seems to be going through a #bullish phase in the short term, with a possible 3% gain.

Let’s start immediately with image 1 containing the price chart:

Image 1 : tradingview – 2018-25-05 – btc / eur – timeframe 1h – possible bullish phase

You can see how about timeframe 1h:

  • The RSI is unloaded, or suggests an increase in the short term;
  • The price, after a big red candle, rebounded on the lower bollinger band, suggesting here too a price increase in the short term;

A possible short-term target could be shortly before the upper bollinger band (about 7400eur), with a gain of around 3%.

Given the main trend that seems to be bearish, it is very useful for the sector to be a tight stopper.

They stress that this is just an example of analysis, it is not an operational signal.

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