#XRP: Bearish flag on the horizon

The prices of the # XRP trace yet another bearish flag, which seems to want to push prices towards the lows of the scors month or zone 0,44-0,36 €.

Let’s start immediately with the expose image 1 containing the XRP price chart on timeframe 4h:

Image 1: TradingView – XRP – 2018-05-13 – Timeframe 4h: Bearish Flag

We can see the current bearish flag in black, followed by a decrease in volumes.Already in the previous days a bearish flag had been created, traced in purple, which led to a collapse in prices of around 15%.

We must not underestimate the context, or the #Bitcoin that is pushing down the #ALTCOIN.

In the current situation everything suggests an exit from the market waiting for a better situation. If instead you want to stay inside it would be advisable to insert a stop loss under the bearish flag.

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