#LOOM: big green candle?

Looking at the #LOOM daily chart there seems to be a pattern of 2/3 red candles followed by a large green candle. Will the pattern be repeated today?

In image 1 we can see the price chart of #LOOM:

Picture 1 – tradingview – 2018-05-12 – 1 day timeframe – LOOM green candle.

We can see how in the past days, as a result of some red candles, a green candle has always been formed that recovers all the losses. Even today, this green candle seems to be forming on the daily price chart.

Being this currency listed very recently on Binance, we do not have enough data to consider CSR or anything else. We can therefore limit ourselves only to take a suggestion from the progress of the previous days.

A possible help could come from the context: the bitcoin is going down so investors could spill over the altcoins.

The suggestion is therefore to pay attention and, if you decide to enter, insert the appropriate stop loss.

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