#BCH and #ONT are bullish?

Today we bring you, as an example of technical analysis, the trend of two #altcoin, #BCH and #ONT. Both coins seem to have an uptrend.

In the image 1 the trend of the #ONT:

Image 1 : Tradingview – timeframe 1h – 2018-04-26 – continuation triangle #ONT

We can note:

  • A triangle, a continuation pattern, well defined on prices;
  • The volumes volumes support the theory of this pattern having a decreasing trend;
  • Prices that bounce a lot on the top of the triangle;

This information therefore suggests an upward price break in the short term.

In image 2 we can see the progress of the #BCH:

Image 2Tradingview – timeframe 1 h – 2018-04-26 – Continuation triangle #BCH

The above considerations apply to the #BCH too. In addition to this, in recent days there has been a strong price loss which could suggest an imminent rebound.

Both for the #BCH and the #ONT we remind you that these technical analyzes are just examples, that before doing any operation you must first find feedback on prices. Moreover, the performance of the #BTC could strongly influence the trend of these altcoins, which suggests greater prudence in these days.

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