#ADA – 2018-04-24 – bullish break

Continue the articles on the Altcoin and this time we talk about #ADA (Cardano).

Among the various altcoins aroused our interest for the following reasons:

  • High trading volume in the last 24h (by now this is the first parameter we look at to choose the altcoins to analyze, without volumes it is difficult to make predictions);
  • Identified a pattern of bullish continuation, in this case the triangle;
  • RSI on timeframe 4h not yet oversold;

In image 1 we can see the pattern that is being broken right now, thus suggesting an upward trend in prices.

Image1: Tradingview – timeframe 4h – #ADA #BTC – 2018-04-24 – continuation triangle

A possible target has been identified at the price of about 0.000035 btc / Ada.

As always the technical analysis alone of the suggestions, we must then find feedback on prices.

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