#ONT – Ontology

In this article we talk about Ontology,ONT. After paying close attention to the bitcoin, let’s go back to talking about Altcoin.

the interest for this currency is at a speculative level, in fact it has some elements that have aroused interest in these last days:

  • It has just come out of a loss of about 5%: this could be a falling wedge with a break up;
  • has interesting volumes for an altcoin: coinmarketcap reports about 5k of btc in the last 24 hours;
  • Positive news is circulating : various news on social networks are confident in a rise.

In image 1 we show the ONT / BTC chart on a daily timeframe:

Image 1 : tradingview – ONT / BTC – 2018-04-22 -timeframe 1 day

The suggested theoretical target, such as the breaking of the falling wedge, is equal to an increase of about 13% in the next 3 days, which however could even reach 20%.

NB: a theoretical target is not said to be reached, so it is necessary to monitor prices and volumes.

Ultimately a possible operation is to go long on this coin, however, setting the appropriate stop loss.

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