Portfolio Altcoin Vs only BTC

The trend of the BTC is now known that influences the trend of the ALT coin: when the BTC is growing, the ALTs also grow and vice versa. However, attention must be paid to performance, in fact with the appropriate Coin in the portfolio it is possible to obtain better performances (ie earnings).

In image 1 I bring you the example of the performances of the portfolio managed by Cryptograph team:

Image 1 : blockfolio – performance portfolio compared to BTC

It can be seen how the countervalue of the entire portfolio, in the last 3 months, has gone from 0.069 BTC to 0.078 BTC, with an increase of 14.62%.

To be able to have good results, and not to risk performing worse than BTC, it is however advisable to stay up-to-date on the various ALT coins and sometimes change the composition of the portfolio.

In image 2 we show, as an example, the current composition of the portfolio managed by Cryptograph:

Image 2 : Cyptocompare – Cryptograph portfolio composition

The coins that have performed well in the last period, and their respective portfolio share, are:

  • XRP: 23.53%
  • XLM: 10.14%
  • XEM: 8.63%

In the past, around 10% of BNBs were also present, but they were sold due to the start of their bearish phase.

You can follow the details of Cryptograph’s portfolio directly on Cryptocompare .

NB: this is just an example of a portoflio and it is not certain that the positive performances we have had so far continue in the future.

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