#Bitcoin is stationary? #Altcoin is the response

Given the current stationarity of the #BTC, and a possible downward break, we want to examine an example of a possible portfolio composed of various #ALTCOIN that allows us to balance risks and improve profits.

So we open the article with the following poster:

The coins taken into consideration in this portfolio example are the following:

  • #BTC : Bitcoin should always be controlled as it affects almost the entire market, so we still keep it in the portfolio. It is also useful to give some stability ;
  • #ETH #XRP : Etherium and Ripple are the main altcoin and are very influenced by Bitcoin, however they have an often wider volatility, especially in the case of the # XRP. So they are useful for maximizing gains but they also tend to maximize losses;
  • #LTC : also the LiteCoin is among the main altcoins. In the past she was able to make good numbers. The trend in the long run seems to be bullish for the main Coin (just compare the current prices to previous years), the price of the coin lite seems not to be very close to the trend line. Therefore we expect constant increases over time .
  • #XLM : In the last period the Stellar Lumen gave good results, with gain not high but constant over time. This is also useful to give stability to the portfolio with constant increases over time .
  • #EOS #ONT : EOS and Ontology are two discoveries of the latter period. They have the distinction of being increasing their value even while the Bitcoin is still or even down. They are therefore useful for balancing the risk of Bitcoin and the main altcoins.
  • #XEM : Nem is a very recent currency, at least on Binance, in the last period it has had a good increase even if it is currently stationary. We keep it because it could give us surprises in the future ;

We have therefore selected both coins to give stability and coins to maximize gains (but also risks). Bitcoin antagonistic coins are also useful or it is also new altcoins like the #XEM that could reserve surprises in the future.

The percentages of coins, with which you can compose your possible portfolio, we let you choose according to your risk aversion. However, we emphasize that this is only one of our personal and we decline any responsibility if you decide to follow it.

#BCH and #ONT are bullish?

Today we bring you, as an example of technical analysis, the trend of two #altcoin, #BCH and #ONT. Both coins seem to have an uptrend.

In the image 1 the trend of the #ONT:

Image 1 : Tradingview – timeframe 1h – 2018-04-26 – continuation triangle #ONT

We can note:

  • A triangle, a continuation pattern, well defined on prices;
  • The volumes volumes support the theory of this pattern having a decreasing trend;
  • Prices that bounce a lot on the top of the triangle;

This information therefore suggests an upward price break in the short term.

In image 2 we can see the progress of the #BCH:

Image 2Tradingview – timeframe 1 h – 2018-04-26 – Continuation triangle #BCH

The above considerations apply to the #BCH too. In addition to this, in recent days there has been a strong price loss which could suggest an imminent rebound.

Both for the #BCH and the #ONT we remind you that these technical analyzes are just examples, that before doing any operation you must first find feedback on prices. Moreover, the performance of the #BTC could strongly influence the trend of these altcoins, which suggests greater prudence in these days.

BTC bullish or Bearish ?

Today’s BTC article, more than a real technical analysis, underlines the uncertainty about the current bitcoin trend: Bullish or Bearish?

Following the rupture of the raising wedge, the price of bitcoins fell from around € 8,000 to the current € 7,700.

In picture 1 the current situation on the BTC / EUR chart on 1 day timeframe:

Image 1: tradingview – Timeframe 1 turn – BTC 2018-04-24

Currently we have:

  • the indicator RSI on a 1 day timeframe which is still in a hyper-protected area;
  • A static resistance dictated by the relative maximum of 22/03/2018;

The situation is therefore neutral , or there is much uncertainty.

For those who want to remain in the market, a possible approach is to set very stringent stop losses: they could trigger a vacuum but better than risk big losses.

For those who want to be safe in this situation, it may be appropriate to leave the market and see how the situation evolves.

#ADA – 2018-04-24 – bullish break

Continue the articles on the Altcoin and this time we talk about #ADA (Cardano).

Among the various altcoins aroused our interest for the following reasons:

  • High trading volume in the last 24h (by now this is the first parameter we look at to choose the altcoins to analyze, without volumes it is difficult to make predictions);
  • Identified a pattern of bullish continuation, in this case the triangle;
  • RSI on timeframe 4h not yet oversold;

In image 1 we can see the pattern that is being broken right now, thus suggesting an upward trend in prices.

Image1: Tradingview – timeframe 4h – #ADA #BTC – 2018-04-24 – continuation triangle

A possible target has been identified at the price of about 0.000035 btc / Ada.

As always the technical analysis alone of the suggestions, we must then find feedback on prices.

#EOS – 2018-04-23: possible bullish break

#EOS is another #altcoin, after the #ONT, whose price trend suggests a possible bullish break in the short term.

EOS has recently moved to 5th place for MarketCap surpassing #LTC. Even the trade volume of the last 24 hours, about 6 million according to CoinMarketCap , appears to be considerable.

In image 1 we can see the current trend of EOS / BTC prices on timeframe 4h:

Image 1 : Tradingview – EOS / BTC – 2018-04-23 – continuation triangle

What you can see is a continuation triangle which therefore suggests a bullish trend. This pattern is almost complete, to suggest the fact that prices are rebounded only on the upper line that acts as a resistance. Even the volume seems to be on the rise.

Switching to oscillators / indexes, we have:

  • the RSI that is still not oversold, thus still allowing us a margin of price increase;
  • The ADX and DI suggest an uptrend, whose strength is well established.

This analysis ultimately suggests a long position at least in the short term.But we need to follow the price further to make sure that these hypotheses really materialize.